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Ever Long Tablets in My Daraz Shop :

Ever Long 60-mg Tablet My Daraz Shop in Pakistan. The  tablets are used mainly for premature ejaculation. These tablet are for 18 to the
64-year-old man. The people having the ejaculation problem like they are having sex with there partner and they ejaculate in 2 or 1 min of penetration
can use these tablets to prevent such a problem. These tablets also help to remove personal distress.

Ever long Tablet in Pakistan is a latest product and can be referred as a male enhancement pills. With the Dapoxetine in Ever long Tablet is a
selective serotonin re uptake inhibitor medicine which has specially been developed for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This medicine is used to treat
premature ejaculation.

How Much To Take  :

The Recommended Dose Is A Sinlge Tablet (60mg), Taken When You Need It About 1 To 3
Hours Before Sexual Activity . Do Not Exceed Taking A Single Tablet In 24 Hours.


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Price of Ever Long Tablet 60 mg in My daraz Shop PRK. 2500/=

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