Hymen Capsule


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Fake Pills in My Daraz Shop :

Hymen Capsule are used in women to achieve virginity, call a fake blood capsules made in Malaysia.  And some use the first night of the wedding to show fake wedding blood. Artificial hymen kit original and low price rate in Pakistan use in Urdu and English.

How Use | virginity Again :

Hymen Capsule with advanced Artificial Hymen Repair Kit products helps you restore your virginity without going to the doctor and acts as a natural means of tightening the vagina. Virginia Care Fake Blood Kit consists of a cellulose compound. These components dissolve without residue through heat and moisture. It reacts after brief contact with the components.  Our Virginia Care Vaginal Tightening Gel or Vaginal Tightening Cream Revitalise 100 is the perfect combination to narrow the vaginal entrance.

How it Works:

Insert the Artificial Hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. Online Purchase Original Hymen restore capsules available in Pakistan.

Artificial Blood Capsule :

Artificial Hymen Pills have 2 capsules. If you can`t have intercourse
20 to 25 minutes , use 2nd capsule. safe and secure

  • Without any side effect
  • 100% safe Use

Price of Artificial Hymen Pills in My Dara Shop PRK. 4500/=


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