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More than 60% women worldwide suffer form licorices. Women with licorices tend to be weak and lethargic. Symptoms include headaches, fatigue , and numbness. A women with
licorices slowly releases white, yellow, or green fluid from her vagina, which leads to a decrease in physical and nervous energy. Timely treatment is very important. Licorices Online shopping now in Pakistan.

Licorice Pills :

Likoria Capsule  Black spot beneath eye area, not increasing in weight all are the symptoms. This is an herbal Product. these are capsules made from are mixture of indigenous herbs. Its use does not caise any internal or external damage.

Likoria Capsules Use :

Place the capsule in the upper part of the vagina. If you open the capsule to get 100% result, put the powder in the Vagina. Using the same capsule will stop the flow of white or yellow liquid. Get rid of it completely and always with the use of the week.

NOTE : 100% result , only 1 time use and get rid of the plague forever.

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