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Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion in My Daraz Shop :

Neo Hair Lotion Is The Best Hair Growth Product. Thailand 120 ML is the best hair loss treatment solution. Neo Hair Lotion is a solution for people experiencing hair loss.  Hair Lotion helps hair roots & new hair cells regeneration. 100% herbal, It Stimulates blood circulation of the scalp and makes the hair roots get better nutrients. Lotion effectively reduces or fully halts hair loss. It improves hair volume and density by stimulating blood flow, which nourishes the bulb, fortifies the hair, and fosters its growth.

How To Us ?

Gently comb your Hair 2-three instances and spray Neo Hair Lotion at the scalp, then lightly comb the complete scalp.Use often morning and night. Suggestion : You ought to have disciplines and be patient. Before You Start Using The Lotion Its Advice Not To Use Any Soaps For 4-5 Months On Head. Do Not Use Any Shampoo, However Please Use Baby Shampoo One Or Two Times In A Week If Needed. There Should Not Be Any Gap Or Break In The Usage. You Should Use This For Minimum Of 3 Months.

How Does It Work?
Neo Hair Lotion may thaw the hair and edit that the extra manageable including the bright or sparkling hairs. Permanently it’s give now not only glaring cable but additionally expand the range regarding hair. Longevity it has every constructing fibres herbal ingredients.

Neo Hair Lotion Benefits:

  • Stimulates gore currency among the scalp
  • Helps transporting nutrients faster
  • Activates or nourishes the cable roots because of ideal growth.
  • Reduces the results over DHT,
  • Enabling greater nutrients to remain transported quicker
  • Is Anti-inflammatory or wealthy of vitamins you nutrients,


Price of Neo Hair Lotion in My Daraz Shop PRK:7000


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