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Steam Iron AG-1025 in My Daraz Shop :

Steam iron providers in Pakistan make sure for you a long time of ironing to their solid aluminium soles. Because of the cork handle and weighing very light. The irons are comfortable to use for quite a long time of ironing. Target steam at creases with exceptional openings in the ironing tip. They are produced using tempered steel which is ideal for quite a long time of pressing. They create a fantastic plane of steam that delivers impeccable pressing outcomes.

Braun  Iron Price in Pakistan :

Accelerate ironing and improve results with affordable electric  Iron Price in Pakistan ironing tables given their vacuum and blowing capacities. The vacuum holds pieces of clothing to the table and makes it simpler to resolve creases rapidly.


The 200 ml water tank is sufficient to hold and spray the right amount of water to create perfect crisp lines on your clothes. A small quantity of water mists out to help deliver the perfect ironing results with high productivity. The iron has a light indicator that notifies you when the iron is powered “ON” so that you can either carry on with ironing or can switch it “OFF”

Feature :

  • Adjustable Swivel Control
  • Brand : Anex
  • Colour : Green
  • Temparature Control : Yes
  • Iron Type : Steam Iron with Spray
  • Powerful steam

Price of Steam Iron AG-1025 in My Daraz Shop PRK.4500


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